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This Mother’s Day, save big on a gift that will wow your mom. The Mirror is not just a reflective surface; it’s a virtual home gym experience from Lululemon that gives mom — and the whole family — access to on-demand workout classes taught by top fitness instructors.

Top products in this article:

Mirror Basic, $1,345 (reduced from $1,495)

Mirror Pro, $1,645 (reduced from $1,795)

Mirror Family, $1,895 (reduced from $2,045)

The Mirror looks like a traditional full-length mirror when it’s off. Turn it on, and it’s a virtual smart home gym that takes up about as much space as your reflection. 

The home-fitness device from Lululemon can create custom fitness plans for you, and gives you access to more than 10,000 on-demand workout classes. The Mirror offers weekly curated workouts for mom’s personal fitness goals, live classes with feedback from fitness experts, one-on-one training sessions, competitions and games.

Want to know how you can get a deal on the Mirror?

From now through May 9, Lululemon is offering $150 off the Mirror unit, plus free shipping and free installation (a $250 value) when you use the code “400FORMOM.” The code will save you a total of $400.

Keep reading to find the best Mirror package for you, your mom, your aunts, your sister or anyone in your life you’re thinking of gifting this Mother’s Day.

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Mirror Basic


The basic Mirror package includes the Mirror, the Mirror stand, a Mirror lens cap and the warranty.

All Mirror devices are outfitted with a sturdy, carbon-steel frame, a five-megapixel, front-facing camera, a 4 x 15W high-fidelity speaker system with six drivers, two woofers, and an embedded, omnidirectional microphone to create a fitness-studio effect in your home.

Mirror can be paired with your smart watch (such as the Apple Watch Series 7, now on sale starting at $313) or heart rate monitor to show your real-time heart rate on-screen. The reflective device even comes up with curated playlists, so you can move to your favorite tunes. 

Mirror Basic, $1,345 (reduced from $1,495)

Mirror Essentials


The Mirror Essentials package comes with everything in the Mirror Basic package, plus more. Mirror Essentials includes a Mirror heart rate monitor, a Mirror fitness-band pack, Lululemon’s “Reversible Mat” (5mm), the Lululemon “Loop It Up Mat” strap, the Lululemon lift and lengthen yoga block, and the Lululemon double foam roller mini. 

Mirror Essentials, $1,545 (reduced from $1,695)

Mirror Pro


The Mirror Pro includes everything the Basic and Essentials packages have and more. The Mirror Pro includes Mirror weights and a Lululemon workout towel. (Dumbbells are available in various weights, ranging from 1 pound to 35 pounds each.)

Mirror Pro, $1,645 (reduced from $1,795)

Mirror Family


The Mirror Family package doubles everything, so you can get fit with your people by your side. Along with the Mirror, the Mirror stand and a Mirror lens cap, you’ll receive double Mirror heart rate monitors, two Mirror fitness band packs, two Lululemon “Reversible Mats” (5mm), two Lululemon “Loop It Up Mat” straps, two Lululemon lift and lengthen yoga blocks, two Lululemon double foam roller minis, two Mirror weights and two Lululemon workout towels. 

Mirror Family, $1,895 (reduced from $2,045)

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