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Be like Fergie, and work on your fitness.

But to reap the best benefits, you must have some top-notch exercise equipment that matches your fitness needs, budget and capabilites.

For some, that may look like a can’t-beat indoor exercise bike. Others may prefer a rowing machine, while some people opt for an elliptical or treadmill.

If large exercise equipment isn’t for you, or you’re looking to supplement your home gym with some further additions, consider leaning into some strength training pieces.

To help you find the best strength training equipment, we spoke to Everlast boxer Heather Hardy and P.volve Los Angeles Lead Trainer Dani Coleman.

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What are the benefits of strength training?

According to our experts, strength training (which is the practice of physical exercises that improve strength and endurance) offers many benefits.

“Strength training helps build bone density, which we start to lose over the age of 40,” said Dani Coleman, P.volve Los Angeles Lead Trainer. “Not only does it make you stronger, it boosts your metabolism, helps prevent injury, reduces the risk of falls, can help manage your blood sugar levels and can boost your mood and self-esteem.”

Heather Hardy, Everlast boxer, said that “strength training helps reach so many different goals — especially if you’re looking to be able to accomplish more in your daily life concerning strength and endurance.”

“Where I’ve seen it make the most difference with my clients is that it makes you feel good,” Hardy continued. “It gives you confidence when you reach a new goal and motivates you to make new ones.”

Young athletic woman doing bench press using dumbbells in gym
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What is strength training equipment?

Obtaining strength training equipment isn’t as difficult as it sounds, as “strength training equipment is anything that you can use to help you build muscle and get stronger,” explained Hardy.

Hardy also said that people tend to gravitate towards barbells and dumbbells, though smaller pieces of equipment can also be used to target specific muscle groups.

What should people look for when choosing the best strength training equipment?

Finding the best strength training equipment boils down to individual needs.

“People should look for something that will suit their body’s needs,” said Coleman. “Furthermore taking into account things like the quality, longevity, investment and maintenance of the equipment.”

Hardy also places emphasis on ensuring your equipment allows you to practice safely and correctly.

“There’s no use in squatting 200 lbs on the rack if it’s not being done properly — that’s how people get hurt,” said Hardy. “Not to mention, especially for beginner lifters, weight racks can be really intimidating. Using products like kettlebells or a weighted vest can really help to prepare someone to take that step by building a foundational proper form and a bit of muscle.”

Best strength training equipment

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell, $199, original price: $219

Bowflex dumbell

Coleman says these are the perfect home gym companions.

“These weights are easily stored, compact and give you a myriad of options,” she said. “Furthermore, I love that they are sleek in design, comfortable to hold and do not generate a lot of noise when you are navigating them.” 

These weights also allow you to simple turn the dial and change up your resistance from five lbs to 52.5 lbs.

2. Everlast Cast Iron Kettlebell, $60

Round kettle bell

“Kettlebells allow for more dynamic movement, incorporating cardio and strength training into one exercise, which is crucial for a boxer,” said Hardy. “They’re flexible and can be used for HIIT workouts targeting your arms, legs and even core depending on how you use it.”

This Everlast Kettlebell features heavy duty cast iron, a textured handle and can be purchased in various weight options.

3. P.volve p.3 Trainer, $70

P.Volve strength training equipment

“It is the most versatile total-body toning system,” said Coleman, and we agree.

The system include a resistance band that spans the entire body, an attachable handle and a weighted ball.

4. TRX Training TRX Home2 System, $200

Strength training set
TRX Training

“It’s the perfect piece of equipment that is lightweight, compact and easy to pack and travel with,” Coleman explained. “Using just your bodyweight, it works mobility, strength and cardio.”

You can also look forward to both indoor and outdoor usage, adjustability and an all-in-one fitness solution.

5. BOSU Pro Balance Trainer, $160

Blue balancing ball

Coleman claims that the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer is “one of the most versatile pieces of strength training equipment.”

After all, it can be used to challenge your balance, help with rehabilitation, recreates an unstable surface for your body to work with and more, according to Coleman.

6. Everlast Pro Weighted & Adjustable Jump Rope, $20

Weighted jump rope

While Hardy acknowledges that jump ropes are typically cardio tools, “adding weight is great to tone arms and take your cardio to the next level by working that heart rate and your muscles.”

Jump rope details include an adjustable cable rope and 0.4-pound removable weights in each handle.

7. Onnit Kettlebells, $23-$215

Gorilla kettle bell

“Their attention to detail is one of my favorite things about their kettlebells,” Coleman explained about this piece of equipment from Onnit. Just look at the fun designs here for proof!

“They are color coded making it easy to pair them together, have a powder finish for better grip during strength work when fatigue or sweat kicks in and are durable in their finish,” said Coleman.

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